Monday, 31 October 2016

Micro-narrative Museum Article Topics: Initial Ideas

Micro-narrative Museum Article Topics: Initial Ideas

Immersive exhibition space in the gallery, separate installation. Half gallery room(ish) for Maps of the site, and the other half for below:

'The History of the Future' Exhibition in the Heijplaat Design and Innovation Museum.

  • 2030 Mass protests/occupy event to protest the VR office headquarters. Protest leaflets produced opposing new development- possible it overshadows heritage site, or they oppose too many new people commuting to the site or living onsite. 
  • IKEA of the future, critique of saving space. What will be modularised in the future? IKEA distribution centre on site? Produce instructions explaining how to assemble something? 
  • Education (RDM?) propaganda poster? timeline of articles about youth social decline due to home schooling, movement towards 'traditional' schooling. Shift back to state schools. Possible links to youth schemes like scouting, used to learn social skills
  • 2056 Cyberolympics, what was the paralympics, now people with technological modifications. Timeline of the paralympics becoming cyberolympics with key dates (2016 first year world record help by paralympian over olympian).
  • Distribution centre ethos, submarine company was 'garden city' what is the ethos of the distribution centre? Job adverts produced?
  • Propaganda poster produced 'the factory needs you!'
  • Tours available of the distribution centre, produce tourist map? or Leaflet? Gift shop things?
  • Receiving points on 'drone licence' for illegally flying drone in prohibited zone. Minutes from court hearing or letter of final warning. 
  • Mapping of airspace management how drones are controlled in the area.
  • Socialism, housing crisis, squatting, food tokens given out as a bare minimum to get by? Liked into the socialist Europe. Produce commodity lists of what tokens can buy?
  • Linked to migration crisis, needed more people in 2020's now too many people. produce nationality test or citizenship test. 
  • ID cards for Netherlands? Holland Rotterdam? drone licence?  port licence? Licence to operate machinery?
  • New political party founded? Produce manifesto? anti robot, pro robot?
  • Drone history timeline?
  • 2030 floods recorded, lots of Rotterdam damages, dykes then improved massively.
  • History of RDM linked to education? Produce yearbook containing some current student work.
All Exhibitions possibly mapped on a larger timeline piece to outline key dates in the history of the narrative.

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  1. Hi Team, If everyone is able to post end of play ideas/ development of what you've planned as discussed early. Kind of what Babo has posted below, just to keep everyone in the loop.


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