Monday, 31 October 2016

Symposium ideas


So for the symposium i'm thinking about producing the following things:

  • Propaganda poster; for example, a Heijplaat poster saying "the factory needs you" and another symbolizing the security infringement that the drones could potentially cause in Heijplaat saying "you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide" etc... kind of like a modern take on El Lissitzky style.

  • Tourism add/ leaflet in the drone distribution park

  •  A news article regarding synthetic biology contamination in a Heijplaat based research company. Or maybe news of a new achievement?

  • And maybe if I have time look in to the future version of  identity documents of a person living in Heijplaat: like passport, drone licence, work identification. Looking at what kind of information these display and what  this tells us about the average Rotterdamer living in Heijplaat.

I'm also compiling the leaflet for our "exhibition" of the history of Heijplaat in 2086 to summarize all our work as a whole.

Alina :)

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