Tuesday, 1 November 2016


Today we have continued to work on developing the project narrative and exploring the impact that the history of the future will have on the built environment in Heijplaat. Having all developed our own interests and narratives, we have constructed a timeline of major events that occur between the present day and 2086 - a history of the future. This has enabled us to ensure that individual narrative strands interlink to create a stronger, more coherent narrative whilst also helping to determine the built forms that will exist as a result of our constructed future.

This timeline is as follows:

2009 RDM innovation centre opens
2010 Holland introduces squatting ban
2014 Section of Heijplaat housing estate demolished leaving park space
2015 First concept homes built on cleared park space
2022 Workers union strikes concerning increased unemployment due to automation in port
2023 First Amazon delivery drone distributes goods in Europe
2024 First drones used for Police surveillance in European cities
2025 Holland exits European Union
2027 RDM converts nearby warehouse into VR research centre - funded by Port Authority
2029 RDM collaborates with independent company to create office for the VR control of wider port area
2032 VR office complex is planned to house 3000 workers who remotely operate machinery, containerships and                                vehicles in the port
2032 Residential plans to house workers and students associated with RDM and VR offices submitted
2032 Protests concerning heritage and identity of Heijplaat in response to office complex plans and associated                                 accommodation
2034 Heijplaat becomes heritage site
2035 Severe flooding causes damage to many parts of Rotterdam including areas of Heijplaat. Demolitions occur.
2037 VR office complex and associated accommodation  built
2040 RDM has significant AI breakthrough and begins working on plans for widespread consumer demand                                     prediction and distribution
2041 Rotterdam wins 2052 Olympic and Cybolympic bid. Heijplaat to host a number of events in Cybolympics
2042 RDM builds drone port which begins distributing goods across Europe
2043 Heijplaat markets itself as tourist destination (heritage site, drone port etc)
2044 Drone highway infrastructure is introduced following serious accident 
2049 Holland joins Central European Democracy and forms socialist government
2050 Last church closes in Heijplaat
2050 RDM builds huge AI cyber accommodation to contain servers running consumer prediction system 
2051 Intensive surveillance drone scheme introduced throughout Rotterdam for Olympic security 
2051 Increased surveillance forces squatters and olympic worker migrants etc etc out of city centre squats
2051 First squatter communities established in Heijplaat on derelict industrial sites
2052 Rotterdam hosts Olympics and Cybolymics - events occur in Heijplaat leaving a sport and recreational legacy
2056 Protests concerning drone surveillance
2060 Park area (filled with examples of heritage self sufficient homes from the 30s) breaks away from Heijplaat in                           protest to increasing technological reliance and drone surveillance. Forms its own community
2064 Immigration levels in Holland at all time high due to Olympics and CED
2064 Pillarisation evident in Heijplaat due to high immigration levels and divided communities
2070 Decriminalisation of squatting to cope with increasing population and high immigration levels
2075 Report published on lack of human control concerning cyber accommodation expansion
2080 First VR escapism sanatorium opens on Olympic site
2082 Post human religion is evolving and the first Robot/human wedding occurs 
2084 Humanist centre built to unite divided communities


The plan for friday is to construct an exhibition that presents itself as a museum based in 2086. The museum will explore 'the past' through a series of articles, posters and models that are related to events highlighted both on our timeline and within our own constructed narratives. 

The centre piece of the exhibition will showcase our timeline on an A0 sheet, presented in a graphical manner (e.g. colour coding strands of development/interest) and embellished by illustrations reflecting certain key events. The timeline will also track the population and employment levels in Heijplaat over the course of time. This will add depth and help justify some of the key events. 

Through producing the timeline and developing individual interests we have been able to identify some of the key built forms that will be present in 2086. We are currently working on a method to graphically link the timeline to a physical site plan (or series of site plans) to illustrate in an abstract manner where these built forms may be located.

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  1. 2044 The Central European Democracy is Formed between, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark and Poland.
    2044 Following RDM's network of Droneports the Central European Democracy formulates a standard way of managing drone traffic.


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