Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The scenario I have been working on is the Olympics & Cybolympic Games in 2052. I have tried to leave some architectural residue (but not too much) around the top of the site. After the Olympics some kind of water sport legacy left behind maybe with a watersport club/pavilion? But with the increase in migrant workers a part of the site gets taken over. The 4 images will be posters. Three of them were taken from the advertisement campaign running up to the Olympics. The top right is basically explaining in 2064 about how the “international masses” have taken over the site once again. First for the Olympics then the migrants
“The international masses ascended onto Rotterdam once more.
The Olympics & Cybolympic Games in 2052 offered the host city, Rotterdam, an unrivalled opportunity to portray itself to the world as a modern, technological and culturally aware nation. Various key events made this a landmark event not just for Rotterdam but also for the world. The inevitable breaking of the previous year’s records due to the advancing cyborgal innovations, the first policing drones and with the incorporation of the immersive virtual reality experience of “Be an Cybolympian” the world stage was set.
2052 came and went, cementing the Rotterdam on the map, but what about Heijplaat? What benefits did it see?
Heijplaat was the location for all watersports - an area that made interactions with the main city of Rotterdam, the river and the port. Where it was once unsightly industrial docks, the Olympics brought a beautiful park and grandstands to witness the world’s human and robotic feats.
With the formation of the ED and Rotterdam’s campaign for migrant workers, flocks of migrants came, many by sea, and inhabited the accessible picturesque park, which became a haven of opportunity and hope of a new life in Heijplaat.
The international masses ascended onto Rotterdam once more.
What is the future for this area? Can this area create its own “new excitement” again to “become better than you can ever imagine?”
After this I’m looking at the park in 2080 is transformed to a VR escapism sanatorium as well as a visual place of beauty. Does it have tension with the migrants or does it have a good relationship and potential gentrification with the rich history it will hold now?
Would welcome any comments.

Thanks Matt

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