Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Propaganda posters

Poster 1
Linking this with the rise of cult culture, the rise DIY society, the rise of garage scientists/engineers in the squatting district.

Poster 2
Linking this with the increasing dominance of surveillance over society following the opening of the data bank and introduction of drone surveillance and how it is trying to be portrayed as a positive attribute, i.e. surveillance=safety

Poster 3
Advertising the annual drone show (air show of the future) in Heijplaat drone distribution center. Linking this in with the the growing tourist industry in Heijplaat. Another tourist site is the conservation area. Not sure about the date?!?

Poster 4
Escapism is freedom. Linking this in with the opening of the first escapist sanctuary center in one of the building used during the cyb Olympics following the development of VR. Marking a new turn in society where for some people escapism mean immersing yourself even more into VR as opposed to returning to more authentic/ naturesc times.

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