Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Refined symposium idea


So after spending some more time thinking about it, I've decided to concentrate on creating four propaganda posters. I'm looking in to possible information, ideas, or rumours deliberately spread by future organisations or movements in Heijplaat. These may (or may not) be harmful to future society. The topics are:

  • Escapism - a break from reality which now is very high tech and digitalized. Symbolizing the nostalgia for the old, simpler times? Could link this to our conservation area and also an onsite sanctuary/sanatorium. Or it could go the other way where the sanctuary helps people escape from reality by immersing them even deeper in to the virtual world. I think the poster will be advertising the opening of such facility, which will allow me to place it on site. 

  • Surveillance - "you have nothing to fear of you have nothing to hide". The idea of secrecy will disappear and surveillance will be portrayed as freedom and safety. A society without surveillance is a dangerous society. I'm going to link this to the drone distribution centre or another facility on site which develops drones for "security" measures?

  • Rise of the DIY society (garage engineers/ scientists) - the need of DIY for self-expression in the future, but also the idea that people will be more self-reliant due to mistrust of others? Going to link this to innovative research into science, technology, etc. Maybe this could be happening in a little cluster where the concept houses currently are? Or a new onsite research centre dedicated to technological/biological innovation.

  • Tourism - to the drone distribution area or /and the conservation area. The drone distribution area will follow on from the container/ port areas which are currently open to tourists and the conservation area symbolizes that this would be rare/special place in the future.

I will build a historical narrative of the events leading up to the making of these posters and maybe the success/failings of these ideas in the years following their production.

Is this too wild? Does it contradict someone else’s storyline? Let me know :)



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  1. Alina, choose one to concentrate on and design the SPACE or series of SPACES to either enable it, or that is a result of it, rather than a poster. How does that space interact with or contribute to the other spaces of the masterplan?


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