Monday, 31 October 2016

This a link to a wikipedia page explaining 'pillarisation' - the politico-denominational segregation of society. Apparently this is why Heijplaat had 3 churches so close to one another. This could form an interesting basis for the religious/spiritual narrative for the future.


  1. This idea could see a contemporary resurgence and potentially link to the contradicting ideologies and ethics of people living in the self sufficient commune to those living and working at the forefront of technology. They could have different schools, shops, news outlets and religious institutions. Buildings such as community centres or humanist churches could be proposed in an attempt to reunite these communities and ideas.

  2. Excellent - remember Dirk mentioned this in his lecture at the HNI too? Definitely something to consider, as I'm sure it will still be around in 2086, perhaps with another emergent pillar for the non-human contingent? What will be the spatial implications for this, especially regarding, for example, education, ritual, and spirituality?


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